How to Pay For/Contribute Financially to Camp!

We call it “Free” although it’s true that plenty of money and resources are required to bring Free Cascadia Witch Camp into being each year.


Our goal is to co-create a camp where each participant feeds their unique threads of contribution into a strong community web of magic-workers who support one another in bringing our gifts to the world far beyond our week in the woods together.


We believe this experience should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

While it’s common for Witch Camps throughout North America to charge participants $500+, Free Cascadia Witch Camp honors the Radical Faerie Abundance Spell principles of “Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something” (GAYAABAGS) and “No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds” (NOTAFLOF).


Your contribution to camp will cover the costs of:

nourishing food for meals and snacks, site expenses, alllll kinds of communal gear, waste management, sanitation, safety and medical supplies, tools for tending the land, infrastructure required to make it possible for those of us with accessibility needs to be at camp, Honoraria for our hard-working Path Facilitators, transportation, and seed money for next year.


The average cost per camper to attend FCWC is about $130.

We suggest a sliding scale donation of $50 to $500 per person.


How to Send in your Contribution?:


  • Directly depositing your contribution as soon as possible is the easiest, most conducive way to help organizers ensure we can purchase everything we need to get ready for camp. Please be sure to designate your payment to “Free Cascadia Witch Camp” through this paypal-type service called Network for Good (NfG):

  • You can write us a check! Please make it out to ACT (Alliance of Community Trainers) and designate “Free Cascadia Witchcamp” in the subject line. Note: you can only pay by check if you have a U.S. bank account.


Include a note about who you are and send your check to:


6610 San Pablo Ave.

Oakland, CA 94608


Or you could bring your check to camp!



  • You could also bring cash to camp!



Other ways you could support FCWC:

  • Organize a fundraiser to raise money for camp generally, or to offset your own/your friends’ costs! Liiike….
    • Throw a dance party
    • Throw a house show
    • Throw a 5k run?
    • Give Tarot Readings
    • Have a bake sale
    • Throw a complicated art auction
    • Sell your art
    • Sell herbal medicine
  • Ask someone who has extra cash to sponsor you and donate money to witch camp on your behalf.


Help us weave a spell of abundance for our camp by sending love from wherever you are to our beloved Prosperity Purse, Goldie!

Please be in touch with us if possible about what you have to offer (especially if it’s food). We appreciate all kinds of contributions.

We’re also available to give you tips, ideas, info, and support.

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