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Barbara has been growing into her magical self in Reclaiming and Radical Faerie circles, and calls Free Witchcamp her home camp.  She has been an organizer, facilitator, or participant at Free Witchcamp for the last 7 years, organizer and facilitator at Portland’s Radical Faerie Queer Magic gathering for 2 years, and is newly involved in the Portland Reclaiming
Teaching Cell (PORTAL).

Barbara lives for juicy moments of authenticity, electrical exchanges, and the delectable dishes of self disclosure. Dedicated to decolonizing her body, gender, and social relationships, she cultivates ecologies of resilience and healing through radical intimacy and self inquiry.  As a sex worker, erotic empowerment coach, and mindful masturbation mentor, Barbara creates pleasure-centered, curiosity driven environments for erotic investigation and expression.  She supports individuals, couples, and groups to amplify, transform and integrate their sexualities and neuroplasticity.
www.LiberatingDesire.com  barbara@liberatingdesire.com

Birch called Tejas Web home since his first Texas witchcamp, Inanna 2000. Moving from community teacher, camp organizer, camp cook and camp teacher; sometimes all at the same time. He started studying the craft in 1990 while completing a thesis on Witchcraft in Reformation Europe for his undergraduate degree.

He is a lifetime gardener who traded his passion for native Texas plants for growing food in the Pacific Northwest. He is certified in Kundalini Yoga and has found the last several years to be a cycle of Personal Ecological Reclamation, most recently working with failure, hope and innocence. Taurus, Taurus rising moon in Leo.

He honors the ancient alliance with faerie and dabbles in magical technology and potions. He believes “We change the world with how we live our daily lives.”


I am a queer witch, storyteller, radical parent, and poet-priestess. I answer Mystery’s call to meditate with my eyes wide open, hear poetry in whispering leaves, learn from my children, speak my truth, and work for peace and justice one homemade granola bar at a time. Though my witchy roots go back over 20 years, I came into Reclaiming through the pagan cluster in 2002 and still have a deep love of sidewalk chalk, street magic, and meals shared out of potluck backpacks.  In my priestessing work, I have facilitated public rituals, paths, workshops, and countless meetings in the spirit of service with the belief that together we can change all the worlds. I enjoy blending poetic spoken word with magic, engaging in moments of open-hearted connection, transforming stories, and dancing with the Shapeshifter of Possibility. These days I find myself edge-walking with Queer Spirit, dancing on the precipice, embracing the sorrows and the joys of living in the Great Turning.

Julie Dragonfly’s highest priority has been to fall deeply in love with herself. Living a nomadic life for the past 2 years, JD’s dedicated yoga and dance practices keeps her at home in her body, no matter where she lands. Her sacred music practice keeps her Spirit soaring high and connecting with other nature spirits, especially as she sings and dances outside with them. JD is passionate about co-creating embodied, ecstatic, magical events where power is shared between all those present. Recently, the spells she has been weaving have been focused on composting grief, receiving prosperity and healing ancestral and community scars. As she finds the strength to express herself most authentically, she hopes to inspire others to do the same. JD is filled with excitement to share her ecstatic disciplined practice at this camp that she calls home.

Laura Maples

I was born in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina of Cherokee heritage and trained as a Cherokee medicine priestess devoting myself to the Great Spirit and all her beings and ceremonies. The story of the Star Goddess and Miriah have parallels throughout Cherokee medicine and I enjoy the “twisted hair” weave of the Native American and Native European traditions.

I am dedicated to the healing of ourselves, each other and the Earth. I teach the core Reclaiming classes, magical activism and workshops in sacred sexuality. I am a Reiki Master and a registered nurse for over 20 yrs in the intensive care unit . I have taught multiple healing modalities including Middle Eastern dance (belly dance), Herbalism, Reiki, dreaming, gardening, loving and ritual priestessing skills. I love community building  and have an adventurous spirit for the unknown.

I have organized and taught witchcamps for over a decade now. Magic is the transformative, fulfilling work of my passion. It is my soul’s desire to see people discover their own inner magic and learn to weave it with others. I practice daily to beautifully balance my intentions for self-care with those intentions to affect change in this world. I look forward to working with each one of you at some point in my life.

Marissa loves weaving the wisdom of myth, symbol, and folk magic into daily life. She is passionate about creating cultures of abundance, deepening relationship with nature and spirit, and inspiring transformation through creative writing, poetry and song. She has traveled and worked in land-based communities while pursuing a degree with Gaia University, and currently lives in Santa Cruz.

Pavini Moray identifies as a queer, genderqueer, radical educator and sexological bodyworker.  Pavini has committed their lifework to the liberation of our sexualities and bodies, and the reclamation of our pleasures.  Pavini’s work is built upon a platform of compassion, acceptance, permission giving and joyful reframing.  Communal erotic experiences that transform the far edges of desire into normative, accessible and accepted spaces get Pavini hot and bothered.  If you’d like to know more about Pavini’s work and vision, visit their website at www.emancipating-sexuality.com.

Starhawk is the author of twelve books on Goddess religion, earth based spirituality and activism, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, now in development as a feature film, and The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups.

A committed activist for global justice and the environment, she is a veteran of progressive movements, from anti-war to anti-nukes to Occupy, is a highly influential voice in the revival of Goddess religion, and has brought many innovative techniques of spirituality and magic to her political work.  She has trained activists in direct action and organizing, taught earth-based ritual, healing, and community building world-wide, and directs Earth Activist Training,  http://www.earthactivisttraining.org/ which combines permaculture design with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing skills.

Starhawk writes a blog on permaculture, Paganism and politics, Dirt Worship.  Her website is www.starhawk.org

Seneca is a follower of Moon and Sun, a priestess of playful and intuitive magic, and conspirer in the creation of new culture.  A kitchen witch, experiential educator, artist, doula and dancer, Seneca finds all sorts of fun ways to serve a wide spectrum of communities. Whether cooking at camps or facilitating challenging activities to multicultural groups of 4th & 5th graders that draw forth their innate ability to be respectful, assertive and resolve conflict without violence, Seneca walks this world with grace and a brilliance that makes people comfortable and inspired to be their biggest self.

Seneca has co-facilitated the New Moon Path at Free Camp in the past and is honored and excited to return after at two year gap from camp to work with the Pixie Path.

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