Statement regarding an incident at 2015’s witchcamp…

During the 2015 Free Cascadia Witchcamp, there was an incident in which a series of choices and acts, both intentional and unintentional, led to a situation that made apparent the need for greater clarification of, and communication about, certain camp agreements.

The FCWC organizing body addressed the situation using a spectrum of conflict engagement strategies, including several months in a facilitated restorative justice process with all those involved in, or affected by, the incident.

This process has strengthened the organizing body’s ability to take the time needed to listen to all sides of a story, hold challenging conversations, respect real differences in opinion, and make difficult ¬†decisions.

We look forward to FCWC 2016 benefiting from all we learned during this process, and are grateful for the time, wisdom and compassion so many people shared in order to grow and deepen from the situation.


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