Paths ’11

Lov’ n Elements of Magick ~ with c. eddy and Jason Scarecrow

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Spirit.  … ~ Love

Come. Join us as we explore the five sacred Elements woven together with that timeless Mystery: Love.  Listen, what wisdom do we hear on the wind?  How do we harness the fires of transformation in these times of great change?  What healing can we find in the Waters of the World?  Grounded, how do we serve the earth and what sustenance do we seek?  What transformation is spiraling out of Center, and how does Love weave through all the questions of our lives?

Step into sacred space with us as we open our hearts to deeper relationships with the Elements through trance, movement, energy moving and shaping, artistic expression, word play and ritual.  Examine ways that our relationship with self, others and the earth can affect and guide our magical practice. Discover the Elements for the first time or revisit them as old friends, as we walk the unmapped road together in the fullness of Love’s flow.

Healing Herbs Path with Laura Maples and Riyanna


Youth Pathwith Aspen and Sayre


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