Paths ’12

Coming Home to our Bodies: A Path to Ecstatic Discipline

With Julie Dragonfly and Birch

Celebrating our own divine human animals, we listen to our bodies’ wisdom, allowing our entire nervous system to be part of our thought process, and the deep knowledge contained within the bones, muscles and blood of our bodies to guide us. What truths have your body been waiting to reveal?
Practicing subtle activism as a community, we listen deeply to all the worlds and send healing to the planet. Through co-creation with nature spirits, we find inspiration as we open to learn from one another. We will use dance and play, yoga and trance, singing and silence to become allies with Spirit and our bodies.

If you are willing to let go of logic and words and open to feeling, knowing and ecstasy, then come dance between the worlds. Please be prepared to revel in your body and know that we will also revel in the elements as they present themselves. Would you do yoga in the damp forest? Meditate in the heat? Sing when your inner voice says no? I don’t know now but am confident I will KNOW when I need to.

It is not required but recommended you start an exercise program a month before camp. This could be yoga, walking, dancing, swimming, what is important is you begin to move and feel your body. Become curious about when you push forward and when you rest, how you care for and appreciate your body. Begin this dance.

Feel free to contact facilitators James and Julie Dragonfly with queries about this path ahead of camp.
James –
JD –

Iron Pentacle

with Eddy and Laura Maples

Come, join us as we work the Iron Pentacle using the story of Salmon as a magical map. With a desire to decolonize & liberate, to re/wild, to re/turn home to ourselves, we run the energies of : Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion.  Beginning with our own primal life-force energy, exploring gender, identity, power dynamics, creativity and iron itself, we’ll invoke this pentacle as a tool for transformation and reclaiming lost parts of ourselves.

We will deepen our relationship with each of the five points:

  • Sex – primal energy and life force
  • Pride -self-esteem and self perception
  • Self – our core and our boundaries
  • Power- effectiveness in the worlds.
  • Passion – moving, motivating, and manifesting

We recognize this pentacle to be liberating and evolutionary as it allows us to build trust in our inner knowledge and embrace our shadow with compassion. Following the arc of the salmon story and running the lines of the pentacle, we will build our magical skill set as we work with ritual, aspecting, trance, movement, music, storytelling, and energy moving, sensing, and shaping. Honoring the ancestors and the descendants, we recognize our place in the evolutionary web and cycles of Life. We will be connecting with the land around us and our authentic selves. We dare to go deep. We will step into the cauldron of Transformation, as activists and magical beings, knowing that what happens between the worlds changes all the worlds.

“Let Our Bodies Be Free Again” A community-led Queer Eco-Sexual path

Co-facilitated by Barbara and Pavini

Our bodies and our sex, a microcosm of the greater Earth body. Colonized, pathologized.  What does the integrous body even look like?  What is it to have an authentic experience of freedom within our bodies, and our sexualities?  We declare this queering process of reclaiming our bodies and our sex a political act.  We seek to explore and support each other as revolutionaries in this work.
This sex path will explore the connections between the human body and Earth body, and will include engaging our relationships with the Elements through the body erotic.  As an incubator for a new paradigm of pleasure and desire, we are curious to develop new understandings of the interconnections between the personal and the planetary.  We will explore questions of desire, erotic energy, and decolonization of the Body Erotic.

Participants will be in choice about all activities, but should expect a hands-on, experiential sex path where nudity is probable.  We are asking all potential path participants to engage in a two-week long masturbation practice.  If you think you may want to participate in this path, please commit to a daily practice of self-love… including noticing your habits and patterns and the ways you engage with yourself as a sexual and erotic being.  We are also asking that you contact either path facilitator by email before the beginning of path, so that we may get a sense of the group.

If you are ready to dive deeply into your own Earth-based eroticism, please join us.

Magical Activism, Practices toward Sustainability

with Chuck and Scarecrow

With “occupy” and the “99% movement” and other efforts for economic justice, there is a network of us who are involved with the movement who have been communicating and sharing strategies across the witchcamp network. This path is designed to teach organizing skills and practices of sustainability for activists from an earth-based perspective.

Working within the framework of the elements, we will explore ways personal and group magical practices can deepen our effectiveness in direct action scenarios, organizing for actions and campaigns, and healing ourselves and each other for more sustainable engagement.

Come explore staying grounded and effective in dynamic situations, de-escalation tactics, street ritual,
herbal street medicine, healing work, direct action tactics, messaging, campaign organizing, group dynamics and communication, and more.

The Magic of Co-creation

with Starhawk and Evelyn

Groups and circles are the heart of our practice in earth-based spirituality and our work to change the world.  We value community, yet groups are often very challenging places to be.  How do we create groups that are warm and welcoming, that value and empower participants, and that bring out the best in each of us?

The work begins with ourselves.  We will learn ways to quickly ground and anchor to our inner core, to find a place of calm and clarity even in the midst of stress, danger and chaos.  We’ll also explore social permaculture:  the principles and agreements that can lead to healthy and functional groups.  Healthy group work involves the agreements we make with each other, the way we make decisions, and how we handle the conflicts that inevitably arise. Our magical tools of sensing and directing energy are also valuable tools of group facilitation. We’ll learn how to guide ourselves and our groups through challenging choices, and come away with renewed clarity and energy for the work.

New Moon Culture Path

with Brush, Meddle, Rain and Rebecca

New Moon Culture Path is a five year, co-created, evolving experiment rooted in the three essential intentions of:

  • the Magic of the Great Spell or Turning
  • opening ourselves as a Channel for Spirit’s wisdom to move to and through us directly
  • practicing the Art of Interdependence in group ritual.

New Moon is a reference to the phase in the lunar cycle in which the wheel turns from the death and composting of that which no longer serves or whose time has come, to that of using the nourishment for setting of seed that will become life-bearing sustenance.

In this path, we will continue to explore how the bones of a ritual form allow for the body of the group to dance the magic of de-colonizing and rewilding ourselves into Earth People with our own songs, stories, dances and ceremonies.  We will use a ritual map of listening, intention setting and weaving, devotional invocation, improvisational-embodied entrainment to synch into a collective Deep Self where Mystery emerges, a harvesting of our ritual experiences together and devotional devocation.  Our content is often oriented to opening to the wisdom of the ancestors and descendents to understand how to heal the wounds and traumas of civilization in the past and present, and to live well in this grief-joy soaked time of awakening and calling ourselves home as we re-member how to be in right-relationship to the web of Life.

Our Wild Roots and Seeds

with Amara Snakeroot Hollow Bones

We locked up our wisdom into our bones, and swallowed the keys. we had to forget the mysteries to keep them safe… we didn’t teach our children, it was the only way to protect them… but in them we planted seeds, seeds and keys and left them with echoes of dreams, stories, riddles and songs with no roots. just tangled threads that would take years to unwind…

Sprouting from the same co-creative magic roots as the New moon path, this is a co-creative path based on the premise that we’re awakening to our wild magic, and we come together to support its emergence in each of us. It’s a magic that isn’t taught, but remembered and awoken. While recalling our many different paths, roots, and ancestries, we find ourselves here, on this land, now, with its many different stories. we deepen our relationships with earth, and this place, while listening deeply, learning/remembering earth skills, walking the land, and singing our emergent songs. plants, animals, our hands, eyes, voices, roots, bones and memories carried through our blood show us what we’ve always known deep within us— that we come from somewhere—we come from the earth, and we each know how to communicate with, and be in love and relationship WITH earth and all beings.

Pixie Path

with Marissa and Seneca

This is the path for children. A description is in the making based on this year’s registrants.

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